Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Love Orange - Birthday Edition

Today is my birthday.  See what I got from Brad. Aren't I so lucky?
I was in the store the other day and saw it.  I loved it. I was dying to have it in my house. But Being a cheapskate and also having already spent a large chunk of change that day, I didn't buy it.  I did however take a photo to...  I don't know... try and recreate it somehow.  Then a few days later I was in the same store with my good friend Annette.  I showed it to her and, since she is my friend, she instantly knew it was for me.  With a little conspiring with the man with the deep pockets, I drove home with it in my car that very day.  I thought you might like to see the conversation that transpired between Annette and Brad.  I thought it was kinda funny.

This orange mirror puts me in mind of some other things that I have gotten pretty recently.  I guess if it ever was, it is no secret anymore that I like the color orange.

This picture makes me so happy.  The picture that had been hanging there for 8 years was getting faded and really had no personality.  This new picture instantly brightened up the space.  It's so pretty, I just have to keep going to look at it. 

Speaking of brightening up this spot.  I have been looking for new pillows for my family room sofas.  I have brought several home at different times, but never liked them much.  Then I found these.  LOVE!!

Here are some other orange things I've bought recently.  Luckily I frequently take pictures of things that I'm thinking of buying. Either to send them so someone else to ask their opinion or to remember them for later. (Shirt bought at Macy's, Purse bought at DSW)

 Here's some other random orange brought to you by this holiday season.
This is my piano...

I have pumpkins cascading down my front walk.  I love being able to see the pop of orange all the way from the top of the street (about a 1/2 a mile)

This is my porch. (Those dots on the door are plastic spiders - ewww, creepy I know.  Thanks Caroline for the fun idea.)

Ok, so this is neither orange nor holiday-esque. But it's new none the less.  I have been reading this great book about the psychology of home decorating/design.  This, combined with my new Pinterest obsession, inspired me to buy this little cabinet to put blankets and other linens in.  The chair is from my Grandpa and Grandma Lindsey's house.  It has real crackle paint. How cool is that?

So by now you've realized I have a wonderful husband. One who is generous and willing to get me what I want (well, maybe it's a need. I'll have to ponder that one).  I feel a little bit spoiled. On top of all this good stuff he sprung to take me out to a nice dinner last night in Monterey.  We went to The Chart House with the Sowards and the Dicksons.  I wished more people could have gone, but alas it wasn't written in the cards.  We had a great time though and it was a perfect evening in Monterey.  I am still kicking myself for not taking a picture. I have great friends and it is always thrilling for me to spend time with them.  I feel like such a better person when I'm around them.  

I also got to go to lunch last week with 4 other favorite people.  Carolina and Annette Batey who live in Morgan Hill and I don't get to see as much as I'd like, and of course, my conjoined twins, Caroline and Annette Dickson. (It just cracks me up how their names are so similar) Again, I did NOT take a picture and I am quite disappointed with myself. We did eat in a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant called Odium in Morgan Hill.  I WILL be going back there again. 

And just to give me the illusion of feeling really popular, Tuesday is another birthday lunch, with several women in the ward.  It's tradition to get together, usually at Running Rooster, to celebrate anyone's birthday who might come along (really it's just an excuse to get together and eat yummy food) As I said, illusion of popularity.  But I don't care ;)

But really my best present came tonight, after we ate a delicious dinner at mom and dad's house... we were all able to attend the first performance of Zion's Choir.  It was fabulous!  Nothing like feeling the spirit and seeing my daughter and her friends developing and sharing their talents.  I also got to see several old friends and a few even remembered it was my birthday. I got chocolate truffles out of the deal. Ha! I can't turn that down.  Here is a picture or two taken at the event for your entertainment.

Afton, Shaelynn and Taylor (sorry about the closed eyes Taylor) They are all so beautiful! I'm glad Afton has such good friends.

Here's me and my favorite birthday present, my Afty-Pie.  
Also, this isn't THAT important, but just look at the color of my dress.


karensumpter said...

I love all your orange finds...esp the mirror!

Lindseys said...

Happy birthday, Stef!

Annette said...

I love the pondering the need/want thought :) LOL! What a fun birthday it has been. My conversation with Brad cracks me up too! All the orange is faboo!'s no illusion, you are loved by many, my dear. Happy Happy Birthday Stef!

Annette said...

Oh...and I love orange pops of color too! Your shirt and purse are probably my favorite of all ;)

Annette said...

Oh, and GO ZIONS! I remember getting so choked up at last years friends and family performance. Wish I could have made it last night.

Carolina said...

My dear Stefani, this post brought tears to my eyes. I have been having so major struggles in my life, but I just want you to know that I love you so much and I think you are such beautiful person outside and have such a pure and admirable soul! Love you my friend!