Friday, October 7, 2011

This is the Story of a Girl...

...who cried a river and drowned the whole world. ***

She looks so sad in photographs,

 but I absolutely love her when she smiles.

(friends congratulating friends -- I LOVE this picture.  - Taylor was there too (hugging Afton). And Nicole, you can see her sleeve on the right hand side of the picture.  What good and supportive friends!)

We are happy to report that Afton is an official driver! She is licensed, insured and free to roam about the country (well I hope she doesn't go that far yet.)
She is an excellent driver for a 16 year old.  She's got the right amount of fear and fearlessness.  She's got confidence but she's not cocky.  I trust her and have no reservations about letting her drive places.  She even drove up to Zion's Choir last Sunday (1/2 hour of freeway driving) and I didn't even bat an eye) It was unfortunate and a fluke that she didn't pass her test on the first time. 
Hollister is a quirky little town and there are many streets and intersections that aren't what you'd call normal or that seem a little bit random.  She made a critical error and had to wait 2 weeks to do it again. (We just kept telling her that because she had a game right after the test and had to wear her uniform that the examiner was jilted by a cheerleader when he was young and never got over it so he failed her out of spite -- good story anyway) But all of that is forgotten now. She is free and independent and mom has to adjust her brain to remember that she doesn't have to be done with her schedule everyday at 2:30. 
 (Don't worry, I'll be fine;)

This video was taken while we were waiting for the examiner the first time, it is very telling of what did happen during her test. I think she just psyched herself out way too much.

***She really did cry that first time - and practically drowned the whole world, but I spared her the embarrassment of taking a picture at such an inopportune moment. You'll have to do with the picture of her above looking apprehensive.

(song lyrics, Absolutely (Story of a Girl), by Nine Days)


Annette said...

I love that congratulating friends picture too! Way to capture the moments!

Shannon B said...

LOVE it! Congrats Afty! I remember the new freedom that comes from driving, SO NICE. Also for you Stef! YAY all around!

Lindseys said...

Way to go, Afton! I love the video of waiting for the test. She did look a little sick. I loved the unseen commentary from Stef. It reminded me of... me.

Carolina said...

Congratulations to such beautiful girl!

karensumpter said...

Congrats Afty-pie

Caroline said...

I LOVE this post:-) So very darling. The friend pic is awesome.

Joe and Julie said...

The world is now yours Afton. We love you.