Monday, October 24, 2011

Stefani's Top 5 - Songs

Since this is my birthday week I decided to do posts all about me this week.  It is my blog after all and why not be a little vain and selfish and talk incessantly about myself. People like that right? Ha!

I am a very fickle person and change my mind and my preferences all the time.  So these (and the other posts I'll do this week) are likely to change almost before I get them published.  That's why I have trouble making lists of my favorite things.  But I thought it was worthy to publish what I like right now. I mean why not.

For this particular subject favorite constitutes songs I like to hit the repeat button on. And if I were being sent to prison and I could create a playlist of songs that I could take with me and never change, these would be on it.

Also I don't claim to be a deep music connoisseur, I'm pretty shallow really.  So sue me.

And one more thing, I like upbeat, happy sounding and clever songs. I also tend to like them if they are a little bit random.  I'm also under the impression that a love song doesn't have to be slow and sappy.  I think love makes you happy, why not write it that way.

So without further adieu.

1. The Underdog - Spoon (from the 17 Again soundtrack. It's fun to run to as well as listen to.) video or if you'd rather watch Zac go here

2. Keep On Trying - Poco (Speaking of random... This song doesn't seem like one that would top my favorites list and I wouldn't say I'm a huge Poco fan, it's a little bit out of my era, but I heard this particular song on my favorite TV show Bones and had to go download it, I very much enjoy it) video or if you'd rather see clips from Bones while listening go here

3. Soul Sister - Train (This song has it all, a bit random with it's reference to Mr. Mister, sung by Train, one of my favorite groups, it's catchy, and full of feeling) video I like Pat Monahan, he's a cutie, but I have issues with men in skinny jeans especially when they are over 40, just sayin'.

4.  Alright With Me - Kris Allen (I love to put it on repeat and blast it in the car and sing along, they symbolism is great, the song is catchy AND it's sung by Kris Allen how much better can it be?) video sigh

5. Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner (This is bound to be one of those songs that will change off my list, and probably soon, but right now I like it and it makes me smile, I think it's kind of clever) video

6. Faster - Matt Nathanson (This is my newest favorite song. Matt Nathanson sings very intriguing songs. Oh, I just love it!) video

And by the way these are really in no particular order.


Lindseys said...

Stef, you crack me up. Fun post. Are we going to get new posts every day this week?

Shannon B said...

Love your cute are a doll! I like all those songs too (except I don't know Poco at all). My kids like the Nate Matthensen song just because of the strawberry bubble gum part! hehehe. Keep the posts comin this week, I love reading your insights into the world!

Joe and Julie said...

Wow! I must be ancient. I have never heard of any of those songs and never heard of any of the artists.

Carolina said...

SO, SO, SO VERY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!