Monday, October 3, 2011

The Perfect Day

So I guess I'm a simple person at heart (even though my everyday life might lead some to believe otherwise).  Yesterday (and Saturday) was the 181st semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  One of my favorite times of the year.  A time when we get to hear from the leaders of the church. They give talks that they were inspired to give and as a result we get to feel the overwhelming spirit of the Lord. We didn't have any of the regular hubbub going on, I even opted out of spending the day at the soccer field on Saturday. Then yesterday was pure joy. I spent the day with people I love, was uplifted by the talks and the spirit, and of course, I ate yummy food. It's so refreshing to be able to sit and listen to people whom I respect and trust give such good advice and counsel.  It is truly a blessing to be able to know that what these men and women say, is something I can completely trust. Really, it's almost a relief. Their words are from Heavenly Father, not just half-baked ideas or opinions of the rich, powerful or famous. I just can't help saying every time President Thomas S. Monson comes on the screen, "He's so cute." What a happy, positive, uplifting man he is.  Although I've never seen him in person, I can feel his spirit and love through the TV screen.

Besides being fed spiritually there were some other great things that went on that made the day very nearly perfect.

We also fed our bodies.  We ate Apple Cider Pancakes with cinnamon sugar and homemade syrup. YUM

Did I mention I love this boy?  Ok, maybe not today... but none the less, I do.

And that a goes doubly for this girl!

She has found her true calling in life and plans to move forward with her goal of becoming a professional "Where's the Water" player.  She totally admits she has a talent for this.

And I just have to throw in... On Saturday afternoon I walked in the house about mid-way through the afternoon session of conference.  Afton was home alone, and there she was laying on the couch watching conference with no suggestion from me.  Every once in a while I feel like I must have done something right as a parent.  


Blankies! They make any day a little bit more perfect!

Don't bother me, I'm busy taking notes... either that, or trying to stay awake, which I am not able to do to save my life.

We had to feed our bodies again (strange how that happens)  I made turkey/cranberry Monte Christo sandwiches.  I'm telling you Pinterest is THE best.  Run don't walk to your computer (oh, wait, you're already there, how convenient) and sign-up now if you haven't already done so.

The other thing to notice here is Kelsi ate dinner with us, virtually anyway.  We face-timed her and chatted about nothing in particular (typical) all while we were eating dinner. I miss her cute face.  I'm glad she's where she's at, she makes me proud, but a mom can still be melancholy about it right?

Brady and I also finished watching "Wives and Daughters".  Laugh, I know, not your typical teenage boy movie but I think he kind of liked it.  I, of course, loved it! Brady spent most of the day wrapped in a cocoon of blankets, we counted 5.  He is a crack up! Did I mention I love him? I'll try to remember to do that more often.

There are important things and there are important things.  I wanted to record this so all would know this is what I feel is THE most important.  The Gospel, my family, and being happy and uplifted by the spirit.


Shannon B said...

What a cute post Stef! It does sound like a perfect day and awesome FOOD!! I laughed SO hard at the picture of Brad! AHAHA! He is a crackup! So I don't know what "wheres the water" is?? I am slow or what!? You must enlighten me!! Also, about pinterest...this is where I have been getting ALL my recipes, crafts, present ideas, cake ideas, etc. lately! Seriously THE best! iT has changed my life!!!

Lindseys said...

Great post, Stef. I loved conference as well. It's fun to feed ourselves too. I thought it was funny that you had food descriptions in your post. I agree that the pic of Brad was the best.

Kelsi Meyer said...

Ahahaha! The picture of Dad was great. And the picture of Troy laying on top of Brady was so typical, I miss it. What the heck is "Where's the water?"? Care to expound at all on that?

Donna Mannewitz Christensen said...

Great post! Love hearing about your wonderful day and your sweet, sweet family! I am curious...what is "where's the water"? Sounds like it was the "perfect" day!!

Annette said...

Your family is so cute! You're so cute to put it all to words and pictures. I love Brady in his cocoon of blankets. I love General Conference. And I just pinned those Monte Cristo sandwiches!!! Were they so good!

Melodie said...

Wives and Daughters...Yes

karensumpter said...

I have felt the same way about conference...there's not a lot in the world to know for sure...but when you listen to the prophet, you don't have to wonder or doubt. Cute pictures!