Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love Week -- Day 1

My friend/acquaintance/person whose blog I stalk, Denae Harlow (or D-Dawg), has been doing "Love Week" for many years. The week around Valentine's Day she blogs about different things she loves. I have been promised recently that if I remember to be grateful, my troubles would fade away. I've also been troubled recently (don't worry, nothing serious) and thought that maybe thinking about things I love can somehow qualify as being grateful. They're kind of the same right? I've never participated in Love Week before but have always secretly wanted to -- so here's to giving it a shot. And I apologize if any of it seems to turn into "Gratitude Week". Again, they're kind of the same right?

First off I LOVE this!!!

For the last 2 years my friend Annette and I have been in charge of programs, posters and publicity for the High School play. This year they are performing "The Sound of Music". We like recreating the familiar movie poster for our promos.  Of course I keep saying "we", but what I really mean is Annette. She is a whiz at everything photoshop and graphics. I just bask in the glory that comes since we both have the assignment, she just does all the work. Here is what she came up with this year. I ask you, could it be any more adorable? I submit that it could not!

The other thing that makes this so neat is that the part of Maria is played by my sweet, young friend Shaelyn Eggers. She is super amazing, talented and smart. Not to mention, cute and so nice.  AND to top it off all that green grass, blue sky and pretty mountains are right here Hollister. Ahhhh, I love where we live.

So if you are enticed by this beautiful poster, you can come see Shae and all the other kids (including 2 of mine) in the Sound of Music. March 13 and 14, and 21, 22 & 23. (See, this is what I do for our job - Annette does stunning posters and I post dates about the performance, HA!)


Also, in keeping with "Love Week".
I love this guy:

Since it is Valentine's Day this week I know I should probably save talking about my Valentine until closer to the actual date, but I felt I needed to write about him now.

You see, last night I had a dream that Brad was killed in a car crash. In the dream there was a replacement guy for me - a new husband. I think he might have been the guy left alive after the accident. He was attractive, helpful and very kind. I knew this because I interacted with him for most of the dream (which was more like an action movie than real life). In the end when everything calmed down and I saw the guy across the road looking down at his shoe and was about to go to him. I realized I didn't want to go to him. I wanted Brad. I had a big empty hole in my chest and my hurt hands didn't matter any more in comparison. I didn't know what I was going to do. So, like any sensible person would, I woke up. Brad was still there. We were still married, and I was glad. I Love Him!!

Happy love week to you all!


Annette said...

First of all, you are SO talented when it comes to all of this design work for the play too! I am so grateful for all your running around and taking the kids head shots and everything else!!! So super grateful that you are making the GIANT posters to go around town. You do a ton! We make a good team. And this year's cover couldn't have been easier, thanks to ADORABLE Shaelyn in her adorable costume and the green green hills. ..Aaand "Snap" the job's a game ;)

Also, I am super excited that you are doing love week. What a fun first post! Makes me want to. And you inspired me to get out and take some couple's shots too. I need one for that frame I bought ;)

Thanks for being my great friend. I'm super grateful for you! You are always there for me. I blogged about you in my post this week too ;)

Lindseys said...

There's no replacing Brad - no matter how cute, sweet, charming, helpful, etc.

karensumpter said...

i love the poster and I also want to see your cute kids in the sound of music! How fun! I love your dream about Brad...but I'm glad he didn't get in a car wreck.

D-dawg said...

We are FRIENDS! And I love the poster! It is so great. My brother is actually friends with Shaelyn and they are going out this weekend- fun huh! They met at EFY I think. Anyway, great job on the poster and I'm so glad you're doing love week!

Kristen said...

That poster is awesome! SO SO wish I could come see the musical.