Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Week -- Day 3

We LOVE YouTube! I mean really, who doesn't?
Without further discussion here are our current most loved videos.

Such a crack up. We're pretty sure we like this video because Buttermilk reminds us of our dog Troy. And who doesn't love baby goats hopping around?

Brady actually couldn't decide which one was his favorite, but since they both have to do with goats I decided to post both.


Her favorite fluctuates but this is her favorite as of last Thursday is this.
You can thank her Aunt Shannon for this one. Nothing like some good potty humor for your day.

She really has about 100 but there's one she always goes back too.
Kelsi's into crossovers. How great can a Harry Potter/Titanic mashup be?

I am not so good with favorites - but when it really comes down too it I never get tired of this video.

Before he shows this video he loves telling people that baboons try to intimidate a rival by showing him his big read bum. 

I love that the baby is totally unfazed.

So now there you have it, a view into our warped minds. I hope you were in a stupid mood when you watched these, otherwise you will wonder what has happened to those rational people you used to know.


Lindseys said...

The party pooper one IS pretty funny.

Kelsi Meyer said...

Pfffft! Nevermind, I HAVE seen the baboon one. Of course I have! Dad's shown that thing to every creature he knows XD

Shannon B said...

Bahaa, I love the screaming goat! All of them are hilarious!!!