Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Week -- Day 5

I LOVE my Apps!
I could go on and on but my apps (some better on iPhone, some better on iPad)
I'm not trying to be original here, these really aren't anything new... it's just what I LOVE.

Staying Connected


Photo Editing

 Phonto (easily put fonts on your photos - even from your own library)

Filter Mania 2 - lots and lots and lots of filters for your photos

Label Box (puts labels on your photos)


Candy Crush - I'm not a gamer person really. But this is strangely annoying and addicting. Try playing without buying anything. To me, I call it an automatic "you've-been-playing-too-long"shutoff valve.

So I mostly think I'm pretty smart, but I usually get creamed in this game.


We haven't had TV hook-up for about 6 years (with a brief period where Brad decided he wanted to watch hockey playoffs - that lasted about 2 months) Believe it or not, when we actually had TV the kids didn't even know what to do with it. -- We rely on these things. REALLY! It's the way to go. We have all 3 of these for about $30/month (maybe less).

Hulu Plus


Amazon Prime - instant view

 Kindle App
(I also use iBooks and Nook - all free Apps)
Pandora -- I'm probably in the dark ages, but I like it. I've heard some say Spotify is the way to go. I have it, but I have no idea how it works or why it would change my life.


 Pinterest -- Duh, no brainer


I also LOVE this!

In 1 month from tomorrow, we have been in our house for 10 years. Storage has been inadequate to say the least. Our bonus room which is an awesome space has just been a catch all for things we don't have any other place for. WELL, now we actually have some space. Words can not begin to describe how happy this makes me. It has cost me a lot of mess and aches and pains (lots and lots and lots of screws, aw, my aching arm) But now it is all ready to fill.  Kelsi is already giving us a preview of how it's going to work.  Poor girl, sleeps in that room and there have been no closets or drawers to speak of, Ta-da! Until now!

(Shelves in the closet? Happy thought indeed. -- sorry, just a little Pride and Prejudice humor there)

I LOVE daisies.
Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?
Kathleen Kelly does (Meg Ryan via You've Got Mail) and so do I!
I planted 4 plants in my yard yesterday. I'm kind of excited about it.
(Ya? Well, you try doing a self portrait of you and a tiny thing on the ground)
And my last LOVE of the day is THIS!
Bahahahaha! All circa 20 years ago! These started circulating yesterday on Instagram. It made me extremely happy! Giddy even!! Big Hair! Bangs! Stache! The thing that made me laugh the hardest were the comments about Brad.
- Friend of Magnum PI
- Babe-like
- Zorro
- "If only they had put me in the game, we would have won State!" Uncle Rico
- Can you say "Rich Corinthian leather?"
- Good Gravy! Look at that stache!

                   Stefani and Brad Meyer                                               Christy and Rob Eggers

                   Caroline and Arnell Anderson                                    Mark and Melinda Lawrence

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Kelsi Meyer said...

OK, laughing very hard at the comments about Dad's 'stache. And I totally appreciated your Pride and Prejudice humor and You've Got Mail humor. Let's be glad that the other dogs are not like Chase and probably won't dig up your lovely daisies.