Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Week -- Day 4

I LOVE My Friends!
This is why I leave these up until Valentine's Day

Yep, they are coming down today - but I love looking at them for a couple of months.
I unfortunately didn't send out Christmas Cards last Dec. Kelsi was in Idaho and we didn't see her until we met her in Canada a few days before Christmas.  No time for pictures and thus no Christmas Cards. But next year I promise we'll figure something out.

Anyhow, each night in my prayers I spend a significant part thinking/praying about my friends. They are such a blessing to me. Without even knowing it they have taught me how to be a better friend and in so doing, a better person. I feel extremely fortunate. Something I have been hoping and praying for my entire life.


Here are 3 other things I LOVE!
I call them Afton, Kelsi and Brady.

Wow! Speaking of being blessed. I have the three most amazing, neat and cute kids ever to grace the earth.  I really, really think and feel this. While they make me lose sleep, give me gray hair and use lots and lots of my time and money, they are what gives my life meaning and what makes it all worth it. They are why I get up each day and why I spend my time doing lots of things that I don't particularly like (read; make dinner, clean toilets and do loads and loads of laundry). I can't even begin to express how cool I feel knowing the Lord saw fit to bless me with such wonderful, talented and unique gifts.

My favorite thing is when they just come and hang out in the kitchen or family room with me. They never cease to make me laugh. They have tremendous insight and observations. I love how their minds work. They give our house life and enthusiasm. It warms my heart. I'm glad they like each other too. I wish my nose would quit stinging and my eyes would quit watering so I could write more about them (dang allergies;).

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


Annette said...

Very sweet and well said! I love your kids too. And I pray for my friends nightly as well, xoxo

Jennifer Miller said...

Your kids crack me up! I wish I knew them better! They are the lucky ones to have such a fun mom.