Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the winner is....MACY!!


She is our new puppy!!  Isn't she the cutest?  There's something about a new puppy that just melts your heart, even if you aren't particularly a dog person!  That face, those ears, sweet puppy breath, even the whining at the door is endearing.  She is so AWESOME!!!.  She arrived at the San Jose airport from Boise Monday morning where Brad and I picked her up.  Many of you have probably seen those photos.  We decided we were going to surprise the kids.  They knew we were getting the puppy soon, but weren't sure when.  It was so fun on Monday night when we all finally arrived home for them to freak out over the new bundle of joy.  Our cover was just about blown about 25 during the day (we don't get home until 7:45 Monday nights) times as Brad couldn't control his "send" button and emailed photos to almost everyone we knew the second we left the airport parking lot.  I played dumb (not hard for me to do) a lot that day as friends we saw kept asking about the puppy.  It was all worth it to see their faces and hear their "puppy" screams as she came wandering through the house when we finally got home.

NOW!  Came the hard part.  Since we have known about the impending arrival of a new dog in our household for many months, we have had TONS (way too much) time to think over possible names for her.  When it came right down to it, there were several that most of us liked, a few that a couple of us liked and NONE that we all totally agreed on as our number 1 choice.  We all had our favorites, and no 2 were the same.  Brad liked Belle, I liked Indigo (Indi, for short), Kelsi liked Maggie, Afton liked Boo, and Brady liked Marshmallow.  We have all been campaigning for our favorite name for several weeks now, to no avail.  In fact in pure Meyer stubbornness the more we liked a certain name, the less everyone else liked it.  And the less everyone else liked it the more determined we were for the puppy to have that particular name.  All that day in the back of my head I knew we would have to pick a name that we may or may not have thought of yet, but that we hadn't verbally beaten to a pulp during all our conversations (I secretly mourned the name Indigo).  Finally after trying a few different ideas (short of drawing it out of a hat) and all failing miserably (with each of us more determined than ever the "win" the name game) Brad suggested Macy.  We all stopped, looked around at each other and then conceded that "I can live with that."  So, Macy it was! It was so easy to start calling her that right away.  It fits her, she is adorable we know we made the right decision.

Some other possible names we had on our list were
Blue (we all liked it, just a little bit boring and cliche)
And my "out of the box" suggestion "Java Blue" ( I think I was trying to liven up plain ol' Blue -- just as a side note, NO ONE liked it :-( typical)


annette said...

Oh my goodness. I want puppy kisses too! Thanks for bringin' her to share at the Seminary drop off this morning. She's so precious!!! (although you probably just brought her so that your other kids would be able to focus and get ready for school without her there) Love her. Can't wait to hold her again!

Shannon B said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Precious is the word!! I love the name too. I wanted to name my next baby Macy (if i have a next baby) but the grand-dog took it! haahah. Congrats!

Randalynn said...

Stef, she is sooooooo beautiful! Her blue eyes are stunning. Macy is a super cute name!

Joe and Julie said...
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Joe and Julie said...

We got to babysit our new grand-dog on Saturday. Macy is very cute and much more docile than chase. But we think she has all the skin she will ever have. It just kinda hangs on her bones. One of these days she'll grow up and fill it out. Ha!

Theriault Family said...

so ador-able!