Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As most of you probably know, Brad is a Canadian.  Although he has been in the US for about 20 years it wasn't until about 2 years ago that he became naturalized.  He'd been intending to become such, for a long time, but it's funny how these things get away from you.  Plus, hearing horror stories from his brothers made it seem like an overwhelming, nigh unto impossible, task (he can now tell you it's really not).  This year he has the opportunity to participate in his first US election.  And what a doozy!  This crazy Presidential Election, and of course Prop. 8 here in CA.  What a perfect time to get in on the action.  We vote by mail around here so here are a couple of pics. I snapped of him in his first real US election.  Doesn't he look smart?  Our kids just laugh when they see him peering over the top of his glasses like this, but I think it's just cute.

Another opportunity Brad has now, as of Sunday, is to be a member of our ward's Bishopric at church.  It is a lot of responsibility and means some sacrifice on his (and his family's) part.  But you know what they say,  "Sacrifice brings blessings!"  I say bring 'em on ;-)  Brad will do a great job.  He is very diligent, he's a doer, everyone likes him and he has some serious skills in networking and computer know-how.  Not to mention he has an iphone - this has to aid in his qualifications, don't you think?

Speaking of the iphone... Since members of the Bishopric sit up front on the stand on Sundays, Brady's biggest concern is that he will no longer be able to play with Brad's iphone during church.  (Brad has some very cool applications on his phone, everything from etch-a-sketch, to photo-morph. to puzzles - ask him about it, I feel quite certain that he would be happy to show you)  Anyway, it sounds like Brady is going to have a new opportunity as well, to actually listen to what the speakers are saying.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Afton also has a new opportunity, which also started on Sunday.  She was called as the new president of her Beehive Class.  You know, the 12-13 year old girls at church.  There are about 12-15 girls in the class, she'll do great, what with being able to text and IM and email many of them (she must get her networking skills from her dad)  Not to mention, she'll get to be in charge (another fortae of hers).  Her Young Women leader is none other than her mom, Me.  I hope it will be a good thing.  I did feel inspired submitting her name... I'm just gonna keep reminding myself of that. She is a good girl and has tremendous leadership ability.  Did I mention she is one of the 2 team captains of her 8th grade volleyball team?  The coach picked her after 1 practice.  When she was wondering why, I told her it's not hard to see that she takes it seriously but still knows how to have fun.  I have a feeling this is how she is going to lead the Beehive class.

Go family!!!  You Rock!!


Shannon B said...

I didn't know brad had glasses (again). He DOES look pretty smart with them on! Good for him for voting and being a good ol citizen! And good luck to him and Afton in their new callings!

annette said...

You guys do ROCK!!! Thanks for all you do for my family and my ward family.

Theriault Family said...

so does he have to sacrifice the goatee? Around here they make you shave when you get called to the bishopric.

Stimpsons said...

Lots of fun going on around your house lately!!! Are those reading glasses on brad???? I guess one good thing...he's worn glasses most of his life so it probably wasn't a big transition for him. Happy Birthday today, I must call.


Kristen said...