Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is always such a stressful day... maybe not the whole day, but anytime you need to go anywhere where costumes are worn, it always seems to be a bit crazed!  We took these photos while we should have been in the car traveling to "trunk or treat" at the church.  Whatev. we still made it to the church in time, got loads of candy, saw cute people with cute costumes; and now here I sit in my jammies, in front of my computer, at 8:32pm, whilst all my kids are still off partying and stuffing their sticky, little faces with more sugar than should be allowed by any responsible mother.  Ahhh, the joys of Halloween with teens or preteens.  You can send them to someone else's house and pretend they are currently asking their host if there are any celery sticks in the fridge they can munch on.  Oh yes... the joys!!


Shannon B said...

AWESOME costumes! So I know Brady is a baby, and Afton...Alice in Wonderland? Tell me what Kels and you are!? SOOOO CUTE. Thanks for sharing!

D-dawg said...

Great costumes! Love the baby. Lexi's going to want to be that for sure- maybe I should too- it looks so comfy.