Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tagged - Quirks

So I was reading Darrell, Natalie and Sarah's (my cousins) blogs... they have all posted 6 of their quirks and challenged anyone reading them to post their own.  So here goes!

1.  Vacuuming - I like to plug the vacuum in an outlet that isn't in the same room as the one I'm vacuuming.  The reason being, the cord gets in the way when I get close to the outlet.  Its much easier if it's just plugged in in the other room.

2.  Junk Collector - Call me crazy but I collect smashed and scratched bottle caps and rusty washers off the street.  I love the patina and the randomness of the scratches, rust and dents.  I keep them in a tray on my desk.  Just as a side note, I don't usually collect beer bottlecaps - they have to be unrecognizable as beer or the distressing has to be ultra cool!

3. Novel Idea - I sometimes imagine the happenings of my life are part of a novel.  It makes everything so much more interesting and exciting.  "As Stefani sat typing at her computer, the small itch on the back of her neck became almost unbearable." 

4.  Laundry - I have 3 laundry baskets and if any one of them ever become broken or unusable I have to buy 3 new ones.  It really bugs me if by laundry baskets don't stack - and some big wig over at the laundry basket company decided to rip off the American public by never keeping the same shape or color of laundry basket in stores for more than 3 months. (oh ya, did I mention they all have to be the same color too?)

5.  Dishwasher Madness - I almost always unload the top rack of the dishwasher first.  I think it is something stemming from my childhood.  Mom used to have one kid unload the top rack and one kid unload the bottom rack.  If I had my choice I always chose the bottom rack because it was the one with the silverware. I thought it was much easier to stand in one place and put the silverware away than run all over putting away cups, glasses, measuring cups etc. etc. etc.  So now I like to get everything else put away and then when I'm on the "easy" silverware basket that means I'm almost done.  Weird, I know... that's why they call them quirks.

6.  Over Analyzer - I can never decide on passwords, user names etc.  I want them to be creative, clever, reflect my personality, be something I can easily remember, something that fits in with what I'm creating, but not be too bizarre.  If it is just my name I can never decide, do I want it to just be my first name, my first and last name, initials, first name with last initial... well... you get the point.  And forget it if the name I finally choose has already been used, I don't know what to do with myself.

So there you have it, you always thought I was a little bit "off", but this just proves it. And I might have to do a PS.  I thought of a really good one (twice) and then it escaped my memory before I could write it down.  Maybe it's just as well you don't know.


Stimpsons said...

Stef, I looked at the picture at the top and tried to figure out who it was. I finally decided it was Kelsi until I started reading the blog and realized it must be you. For the first 3 quirks I thought those might be Kelsi as well : ) Like mother like daughter, I guess.

julie said...

I loved this post. Fun to get to know you better! And don't you hate it when that thought is on the tip of your tongue, but you can't catch it?

D-dawg said...

I have the same vacume cord issues. Also, you need to take a picture of your bottle cap collection and show us- it sounds cool. Isn't blogging so fun?

Darrell said...

this is awesome! I love the one about the Novel. Sometimes I like to think that I'm really like "Truman" in the movie "The Truman Show", where everyone watches his life on TV 24/7.

annette said...

Call me quirky, but I have so many of the same "issues" ... that must be why we're friends. But I've never heard you talk about the Novel idea. That is hilarious. I love it. Your new blog is great!!!

Di said...

I just learned 5 new things about you today! (I already knew about the bottle cap thing...)
Your new blog is AWESOME!

Shannon B said...

hahaha, that pic of you DOES look like Kels! I love your quirks, it reminds me of someone....oh! (what movie is that from?)

Theriault Family said...

i forgot to comment on your blog... LOVE IT! and love you and your quirks!