Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old Friends...



I got a text this afternoon from a number I didn't recognize - when I opened it it was from Adam Whitefield, my brother, Derek's best friend from high school.  He is currently living Utah. His text said he said he and his family were at the San Juan Bautista Mission and wondered if I was home.  

A little while later he, his wife, their daughters and her mother all showed up.  How fun (at least for Adam and me -- totally boring for his family, and mine who high-tailed it upstairs for the remainder of their visit.)  I haven't seen Adam in a good 17-18 years.  He looks exactly the same!  You look at the pictures and you be the judge.  It was hilarious to catch up on all the old people we knew as teenagers.  Adam has always been super friendly and he is no different now.  

A couple of  things I remember about Adam.  He memorized all the names of the kids in our family by a pencil my parents had made up that had all our names on it.  He can still recite them very quickly STEFDEREKKRISKARENSUZIEJANETSHANNON. We took a college drafting course together (I was always sooooo grateful he was there.  I didn't understand geometry at all and he was my lifeline in that class.)  The Whitefields owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He and his family drove an old car that had the engine out of an old police car.  He took his drivers test in our old, red VW Squareback and got points marked off because the window wouldn't roll down. Random things I know, but, isn't that what being a teenager is all about.

I think it's time for some sort of reunion with all those old people (oops, did I imply that all those people are old?) ahhhh! those were the days.


annette said...

Stef, That is so fun! What a great surprise. You had quite a busy day yesterday...but what else is new. I can't wait to see if this escalates into a reunion with all your "old" friends.

Joe and Julie said...

Adam called us on Saturday and wondered what time our church meeting was on Sunday. 11:30 sounded a little late for them as they wanted to go up to Oakland to see the Temple before heading back home. What fun!

Theriault Family said...

how fun... i saw adam for the first time in probably that long 2 years ago in utah for lauren's baptism. he talked my ear off! it was funny because i was so young when he hung around our house... that was the first time i spoke to him as an adult.